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Gusi Peace Priza

Professional Team WPF - Indonesia

MS Ridwan

Prof. Dr. M. S. Ridwan, LLM,. Ph.D


"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite humanity."


Elias Demirtzoglou & Igor Kondrashin


Prof. Dr. M. Djufri Liga, Ph.D

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The Humanity is capable to solve all to-day major global threats and challenges and the time came for Mankind to start the process

President of the World Philosophical Forum

Igor Kondrashin

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Igor Kondrashin

WPF Founder, President & CEO, the International GUSI Peace Prize Laureate, Secretary-General of USE Supreme Council of Humanity, Chairman of WPF Steering Scientific Committee & Rector of WPF Aristotelian Philosophical ACADEMY, USE-WPF Professor on civic knowledge

The Classical Philosopher (the scientific Philosophy, Secularity), Professor, Ph.D., former diplomat in many countries. Active member of the Russian Philosophical Society and the Russian Humanist Society, Longtime UNESCO expert and advisor, assisting in creating “UNESCO Strategy on Philosophy”.         

Rector of the WPF Aristotelian Philosophical ACADEMY; The author and the Head of WPF Global learning program of “Lifelong civil education & action for all - "Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP": establishment & enlargement of World (Earth) community of Earth citizens - Earth-XXI CIVILIZATION within «Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century», proclaimed by United Nations, and UNESCO “Medium-Term Strategy”..

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Elias Demirtzoglou
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Elias Demirtzoglou 

WPF Vice President, Responsible for Intercultural Dialogue
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Athens State orchestra member (Ministry of culture of Greece), Professor at the National conservatory of Athens.
Prof. Dr. M. S. Ridwan, LLM, Ph.D
President UIPM Indonesia Main representative UN ECOSOC , President WPF -Indonesia

The Special Program The special program for the Faculty of Philosophy and Religion from the WPF (World Philosophical Forum) collaborates in a study program between UIPM (Universal Institute of Professional Management, led by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Soleh Ridwan (President of UIPM Indonesia-WPF Indonesia) and Prof. Dr. Igor I. Kondrashin (President of WPF). UNESCO has always been closely linked to philosophy, not speculative or normative philosophy, but critical questioning which enables it to give meaning to life and action in the international context. UNESCO was born from a questioning process on the possibility of and necessary conditions for the establishment of long-term peace and security in the world. It is therefore an institutional response to a philosophical question, one that had already been asked by the Abbé de Saint-Pierre and Emmanuel Kant. read more

UNIVERSAL INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT UIPM is the affiliated member of ECLBS ( European Council for Leading Business Schools) has joined CHEA's International Quality Group (CIQG) with a strong commitment to enhancing academic quality on a global scale CIQG is an important forum for colleges, universities, accrediting, and quality assurance organizations, and others to address issues regarding quality assurance in an international setting. CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) is the only nongovernmental higher education organization in the United States that undertakes this scrutiny. The federal government, through the U.S. Department of Education, conducts governmental recognition reviews.

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About us

Muhammad Djufri Liga

Vice President  WPF - INDONESIA     &   LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion 

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